We Had Our Second Monitoring Visit

Barış Uysal,  Grant Monitoring Expert and Ayşe Tolunay, EU Affairs Expert, visited the project Office on October 23 to review the Outspeed Startup project for the second time.

After the project team informed Barış Uysal and Ayşe Tolunay in detail about the progress of the project, Barış Uysal and Ayşe Tolunay reviewed the required documents for the project. In particular, the authorities examined the budget of the project and the expenditures within the budget. Authorities answered the project team’s questions on this issue and the authorities shared their opinions to the project team. Apart from that, authorities reviewed visibility materials, social media sharing, events and project website. Also,the project team mentioned about the activities the team plan to do and the materials the team plan to prepare in the future

It was an efficient meeting between authorities and project team.

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