The Project Team Held A Meeting

Out Speed Startup project team continues to prepere for the opening meeting on June 21.Because of this reason,the project team held a meeting last week.Former PMI chairman Mustafa Hafızoglu also attended the meeting and shared his ideas about the opening meeting.

The project team, which attaches great importance to the opening meeting, will start to implement the project together with the opening meeting.During the meeting,the team talked about what should they do to make efficiently the opening meeting and they made some decision to apply on the opening meeting.

The opening meeting of the project will start on June 21 at 14.00 and it is expected that many representatives from many institutions such as the Presidency of the European Union in Turkey and many start-ups, mentors and incubator center managers will come to this opening meeting.

As you know that the project which is called ‘Strengthen the Foundational Structure, Organisation and Management of Early Start-ups through Utilisation of Project Management Best-Practices’ is carried out by leadership of PMI Turkey and cooperation of PMI Bulgaria,PMI France and PMI Slovenia.

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