Start-Up EcoSystem

The main target group for the project is the early tech start-up companies.As you know that Start-ups can be defined as entrepreneurs that work on a business idea in which they aim to create a new -orignal-modified service or a product to make money and to serve public. In this project, the focus is on ‘early tech start-ups’ i.e. start-ups working on technological services/products that have not yet realised any sales or those with an annual turnover of less than amount we will decide. Thus, our selection criteria will be based on the sector and annual turnover.

Early start-up companies are generally run by 2-3 people who need to multitask in order to move the newly formed company forward very quickly. They need to work on market research, prototype or product development, business development, partnerships and so on. In this fast pace environment and with too few resources, what might lack is the attention to foundational structure, organisational and management planning. The lack of attention in these areas causes disorganised structure in product development, missed deadlines, forgotten tasks or meetings, ignored risks, unwritten or invalid assumptions which then lead to failures in many aspects of the business. This project aims at guiding start-ups and providing them a Practice Guide in organisational, foundational and managerial matters by sharing project management tools and best practices that are relevant to entrepreneurial world.During the course of the project, hundreds of start-ups will be trained with the tools,methods ,experts and experienced persons.

The direct beneficiaries of this project are the early tech start-ups as they benefit first hand from all the experience-sharing and training activities formed and provided by the lead and co-applicant teams.

It is important to note that representatives from all key stakeholder groups will be invited to the Current State Analysis and EU & Turkey Comparison workshops in the early months of project to better understand the specific needs and weaknesses of start-ups as well as to map the different practices in Turkey, Slovenia, Bulgaria and in France.

The expertise and knowledge of the project managers from Civil Society Organisations in Turkey, Slovenia, Bulgaria and France will be consolidated, different needs and weaknesses of start-ups in all four countries will be analysed and a selection of tools and methods relevant to the organisation and management of start-ups will be selected. All stages of the project including analysis, selection, execution and assessment phases, will benefit from experiences of different cultures and exchange of ideas which will flourish a long-term dialogue between Proje Yönetim Mesleği İlkeleri Teknikleri ve Rotası Derneği and our EU partners.