Incubation Center

The last target groups are incubation centres.As you know that,incubation centres are the areas where small to mid-size companies have their offices and share facilities such as internet, and common areas such as meeting rooms. One of the main responsibilities of incubation centres is to support start-ups in their growth journey. This support can, and in most cases does, involve mentoring and coaching of start-up founders in organisational, managerial and planning related activities.This project aims at leveraging these efforts through project management best practice-sharing sessions with incubation centres which selected in the cities.

Meeting With Key Stake Holders

We will have online and face-to-face meetings with other actors of the Start-up Ecosystem such as incubation centre managers. The aim of these meetings is to share the Start-up Survey Analysis and Comparison Report with selected incubation centres managers to receive their input in order to make more sense of the survey results as well as to fill in the missing topics.

After these meetings,we will produce the Start-ups Current State Final Analysis Report including tens of mentors’ and selected incubation centre managers’ observations and experiences. This work package will also run in parallel in all 4 countries.

Web Portal Design

This work package aims to prepare the web portal tool for start-ups before the training courses for start-ups start.

The Web Portal will provide the start-ups, mentors and incubation centre managers a platform where the learnings from the Practice Guide can disseminate and the start-ups can share best practices and learn from each other. Similarly, it can also highlight entrepreneurs’ needs going forward which would become an invaluable source for incubation centre managers and even for accelerators.PMI Turkey,PMI France, PMI Bulgaria and PMI Slovenia can also actively post events, activities, learnings to this site to keep it active to reach out to start-ups for other relevant projects.

Organise Informative Sessions For Mentors And Incubation Centre Managers

Our aim is to disseminate the knowledge we outlined in the Practice Guide to incubation centre managers, so that in their actions and supervisions with start-ups they can also refer their start-ups to the Guide and utilise Project Management Tools and Methodologies.

After that selected incubation centre managers will have had informative sessions on the Project Management Tools and Methodologies outlined in the Practice Guide as well as the PM Web Portal for start-ups. These informative sessions will take place in Ankara, İstanbul, Sofia, Ljubljana and Paris.

This course aims to showcase incubation centre managers how and why Project Management tools and methods are relevant for start-ups and how start-ups can utilise these tools and methods for their operational routine.

The Project Provides Newly Joined Mentors

The Mentors and Incubation Centre Managers we reached out through our Associate-Ankara Development Agency- during the application of this project have been very positive about potential outcomes of the project. They mentioned that there are mentor networks that provide training to newly joined mentors, however, they are not aware of any Practice Guide or a Reference Book for mentors especially in the area of Project Management for Start-ups.