We Had Our First Monitoring Visit

Barış Uysal, Grant Monitoring Expert , visited the Out Speed ​​Start Up office to meet the project team and make initial examinations on the project.

Firstly, the team explained the subject and objectives of the OutSpeed Start Up project. It was emphasized that this project is aimed specifically at Start Ups, Mentors and Incubator Center Managers. The project team also stated that the partners of this project are PMI France, PMI Slovenia and PMI Bulgaria.

Uysal also interested in Digital Marketing of Project such as the website content and social media platforms.

Uysal mostly spend time with information and examinations in the financial field of the Project and Uysal examined almost all expenditure items and made certain suggestions.

End of the meeting,Uysal examined materials such as pennants,roll ups and leaflet to be showed during the events, also expressed his views on this issue. Uysal stated that this project is one of the most comprehensive EU Projects which is targeting the start-up ecosystem.

Finally,His suggestions about the project were taken into consideration in this highly productive meeting

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