Design Thinking Workshop in Sofia

Dr. Bülent Gümüş, Outspeed Startup Project Key Expert, held a Design Thinking workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria on 15 November 2019. Around 30 project managers and experts from various sectors attended the workshop.

Dr. Gümüş, after introducing the Outspeed Startup project at the beginning of the workshop, shared the fundamentals of product/service design and the design thinking approach. Dr. Gümüş mentioned about the stages of Design Thinking which are define, ideate, prototype and test in his presentation.

Workshop participants, later, worked on a simple hands-on project to “design the ideal wallet” using the Design Thinking principles. Participants learned the importance of getting “insights” about the customers, generating many ideas rather than only one idea and getting early and frequent feedback from the customers. They also understood the value of “showing” rather than “telling” the design solution to the customers to get better feedback.

The workshop was beneficial in terms of increasing the awareness of human-centered design approach and the importance of these types of approaches in the success of startups.

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