Project Management for Startups Seminar at Bilkent Cyberpark

Project Management for Startups Seminar was held on 18 September 2019 at Bilkent Cyberpark.

Our project key expert Dr. Bülent Gümüş shared his knowledge and experience on project management, entrepreneurship and startups. We had a very active participation consisting of startups from Cyberpark as well as Cyberpark management, mentors and academicians.

Dr. Bülent Gümüş talked about basic concepts of Startup world, favorite startup tools such as Lean Startup, Lean Business Canvas and Design Thinking, basic concepts of Project Management world and few examples of PM Tools & Techniques such as Stakeholder Analysis, PERT and Risk Management. He also shared the preliminary results of the OutSpeed Start-up survey with the audience. The participants took part in the Startup and Mentor surveys as well.

There were few questions and discussions at the end of the presentation on topics like main reasons for startup failures, how to handle scope uncertainties in startups, how to communicate with potential customers and stakeholders and how to assess risks.

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Algın Erozan Made a Presentation at Bilge Adam Career Days

Bilge Adam Career Days were held on 21-22 September. In this event organized by Bilge Adam, many experts in various fields such as project management and software made important presentations.

Algın Erozan, key expert in Outspeed Startup Project, was also one of the speakers in this event. He made a presentation about Project Management for Startups and participants showed great interest in the event.

Algın Erozan started his presentation by explaining the concepts commonly used in the startup ecosystem. Later, he talked about favorite startup tools such as Design Thinking, Lean Canvas and Lean Startup. In the last section, he  shared the OutSpeed Startup survey results with the audiences.

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Project Management For Startups

Algın Erozan, Key Expert in Outspeed Startup Project, made his presentation about project management for startups at ING Innovation center on September 5, 2019.

After we organised a project management event for mentors at Buba Campus in August, we carried out the project management for startups event in Istanbul on Thursday.

In his presentation, Algın Erozan firstly briefed the audiences about the Outspeed Startup project and then all participants take part in a startup survey which was prepared by Outspeed Startup project experts.

During the presentation, Algın Erozan mentioned about Basics of Startup World, Favourite Startup Tools, Basics of Project Management World and Startup as a Project and Project Management in Startups. At the last part of his presentation, Algın Erozan shared the OutSpeed Startup’s survey results with the audiences.

At the end of the event, Algın Erozan answered the questions of the entrepreneurs.

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The Project Management Seminar For Start up Mentors

The project management seminar for start-up mentors was held on 24 August at Buba Campus in Istanbul.

At the event, Murat Avcı co-founders of Buba Campus and Algın Erozan, key expert in Outspeed Start up Project, gave their presentations.

At the first part of the event, Murat Avcı made his presentation which is called “Start up Ecosystem” and then Algın Erozan made his presentation about “Project Management Seminar for Start up Mentors”.

Algın Erozan informed the audiences about our mentors survey, start up world, basics of project management world, start up as Project and project management in start ups, Examples of PM tools  and techniques and preliminary results of project management in startups survey

At the end of the event, Algın Erozan answered the questions of the mentors and entrepreneurs.

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The Project Management Seminar For Start up Mentors in Ankara

The Project Management Seminar for Start-up’s mentors was held on 1 August at Ankara Development Agency.

The event started with the opening speech of Muhammed Ali Oflaz who is Ankara Development Agency Investment Support Office Coordinator. Muhammed Ali Oflaz expressed his satisfaction that Ankara Development Agency took part in the Outspeed Start-up project as an associate. He also stressed that they value the startup ecosystem.

After the opening speech, Gökçe Phillips, technical leader of the Outspeed Start-up project, briefly talked about the aims and objectives of the project.

After Gökçe Phillips’s speach, Outspeed Start-up project expert Bülent Gümüş made his presentation to talk about Project Management for Mentors. In the first part of his presentation, Bülent Gümüş started out to touch on the basic concepts in the start-up ecosystem and project management.

At the second part of the seminar, Bülent Gümüş performed his presentation in a more interactive way. He asked the mentors about the main reasons for the failure of the start-ups and he talked about it. He also asked the mentors “when does the Startup project start and when does it end”.

At the last part of the event, Gökçe Phillips shared the results of the survey which is conducted by the Outspeed Start-up project for startups and mentors.

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Algın Erozan Introduced the Outspeed Start-Up Project In Istanbul

Algın Erozan, Key Expert in Outspeed start-up project, gave a short presentation about Outspeed start-up project at PMI Turkey Event in Istanbul.

He talked about the details of the project, the project purposes and international partners of the projects.

Ahmet Akdağ, managing partner in ACM, also made his presentation about Agile Portfolio Management after Algın Erozan’s presentation.He explaind the team-level product backlog management and he introduced “Garden” as Agile Portfolio Management tool.In additon, he shared the details about it


Outspeed Start-up project aim to help entrepreneurs with project management tools and methods to manage better their projects and day-to-day operations.

This project will provide a 2-day project management training camp in Paris, Ljubljana, Sofia, Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir.If you have a Start-up, you can fill out the survey and you have a chance to join this camp.We wiil also organise half-day project management informative sessions for mentors and incubation centre management.

In addition, our team will prepare practice guide for start-ups, mentors and incubation centres.

We will continue the outspeed start-up project introductions in our PMI and Outspeed Start-up events and we wiil keep you informed at these events.

Effective Project Management in Start-Ups, How To ?

The second event of the Outspeed Start-Up was on Effective Project Management in Start-ups and was held on July 4 at ODTÜ Teknokent Co-zone.

Outspeed Start-up Project Key Expert Dr. Bülent Gümüs gave his presentation in the first part of our activity which is called Effective Project Management in Start-Ups. At the beginning of his speech, he talked about basic concepts which we often hear about the start-up world such as “entrepreneur vs. start-up”, “exit”,  “MVP” and “investment”. He then gave short explanations of the favorite Start Ups tools such as Lean Canvas, Design Thinking and Agile lifecycle. Then, he mentioned about the importance of project management in start-up success and how project management can be tailored towards the start-ups.

Dr. Bülent Gümüş had an interactive presentation to collect valuable feedback from the project management experts as well as start-up owners who attended the event. At the end of the presentation, Eren Akdur , Vice President of PMI Turkey gave him a plaquet because of his contribution.

In the second part of the event, Wael Khalil, senior trainer and business consultant in CCH, made his presentation about “How to Lead Effective Change in Project”. He explained the Importance of effective change management in Waterfall and Agile project management, Newton laws, people resentence toward changes, professional change management theories and best practice, Virginia Satir change process model, Five Most Common Change Management Mistakes Project Managers Make and change management cases. At the end of the his presentation, he answered few questions from the audience and he was presented with a plaquet.

We will continue to organize similar events in the future. We will try to target the start-ups, mentors and incubation center managers. Please follow us on social media in order not to miss our future events.

OutSpeed Start-Up Project Opening Meeting Took Place On June 21 2019

OutSpeed Start-Up project opening meeting attracted esteemed representatives of both public and private institutions together with stakeholders from start-up ecosystem, technology transfer offices, universities and interested individuals on June 21, 2019.

During the event representatives of our co-beneficiaries, Mihail Mihaylov of PMI Bulgaria, Mark Gray of PMI France, Igor Mrzlikar and Miha Lenic of PMI Slovenia were present. Özgür Sarıca, Investment Support Office Expert of the Ankara Development Agency, associate partner of OUTSPEED START-UP project, paid a visit in support of PMI Turkey chapter, and delivered an informative speech. Acting Director- General for Financial Cooperation and Project Implementation, Directorate for EU Affairs, Bülent Özcan added an inestimable value to our opening event with his presence and his speech.

The opening event started with the opening speech of Gökçe Phillips who is the project manager in OutSpeed Start-Up Project. In her speech, Mrs. Phillips introduced the objectives, scope and calendar of the project as well as the partner institutions of the project.

After Gökçe Phillips’s speech, Mustafa Tülü, the President of the PMI Turkey Chapter, made his welcome and opening remarks. In his speech, Tülü explained why this project is especially important for the PMI as the very first EU funded project of the institution. He also emphasized that although a lot of projects on many topics have been carried out by PMI, no project about the start-ups has been done until now, thus he said that the OutSpeed Start-up project will be a pioneer for us.

Özgür Sarıca, Investment Support Office Expert of the Ankara Development Agency, the associate partner of the project contributed to the event by delivering a speech. Özgür Sarıca, expressed her organisation’s satisfaction for being a part of the project. She then continued with mentioning some other projects developed under the support of Ankara Development Agency, targeting the start-up and innovation ecosystem in the Ankara region.

At the beginning of his speech Bülent Özcan, Acting Director General for Financial Cooperation and Project Implementation, pointed out how pleased he is to see PMI Turkey with her first EU project as a grant beneficiary in the fifth edition of Civil Society Dialogue Programme. He then highlighted how the PMI Turkey Chapter professionalism will contribute to the programme and will give way to future projects targeting start-ups and other areas where project management is greatly needed. Mr. Özcan pointed out how much he strongly believes that quality projects of this kind will and at present play their part in enhancing the capacity of civil society that lies at the centre of the EU Turkey negotiations that always needs reassurance. He ended his speech with a specific focus on how specifically OUTSPEED START-UP project will contribute to the start-up ecosystem.

In the last part of the opening meeting, Bülent Gümüş, Start-up Key Expert in the OutSpeed Start-up Project, moderated a panel with the international partners from EU countries. In this panel, Mihail Mihaylov, President of PMI Bulgaria, Mark Gray, Vice President of PMI France and Igor Mrzlikar, President of PMI Slovenia talked about the project management and start-up ecosystem in their respective countries and how they will contribute to the project. Panellists also answered the audience’s questions which created a rather vivid atmosphere. The audiences put forward some very interesting questions on different aspects of start-up ecosystem

After the panel, the meeting participants had the opportunity to share their opinion and recommendation regarding the project with the project team members. The event which attracted many interested aspiring start-ups from CoZone ended with a joyous mini classical music concert.

We Had Our First Monitoring Visit

Barış Uysal, Grant Monitoring Expert , visited the Out Speed ​​Start Up office to meet the project team and make initial examinations on the project.

Firstly, the team explained the subject and objectives of the OutSpeed Start Up project. It was emphasized that this project is aimed specifically at Start Ups, Mentors and Incubator Center Managers. The project team also stated that the partners of this project are PMI France, PMI Slovenia and PMI Bulgaria.

Uysal also interested in Digital Marketing of Project such as the website content and social media platforms.

Uysal mostly spend time with information and examinations in the financial field of the Project and Uysal examined almost all expenditure items and made certain suggestions.

End of the meeting,Uysal examined materials such as pennants,roll ups and leaflet to be showed during the events, also expressed his views on this issue. Uysal stated that this project is one of the most comprehensive EU Projects which is targeting the start-up ecosystem.

Finally,His suggestions about the project were taken into consideration in this highly productive meeting

The Project Team Held A Meeting

Out Speed Startup project team continues to prepere for the opening meeting on June 21.Because of this reason,the project team held a meeting last week.Former PMI chairman Mustafa Hafızoglu also attended the meeting and shared his ideas about the opening meeting.

The project team, which attaches great importance to the opening meeting, will start to implement the project together with the opening meeting.During the meeting,the team talked about what should they do to make efficiently the opening meeting and they made some decision to apply on the opening meeting.

The opening meeting of the project will start on June 21 at 14.00 and it is expected that many representatives from many institutions such as the Presidency of the European Union in Turkey and many start-ups, mentors and incubator center managers will come to this opening meeting.

As you know that the project which is called ‘Strengthen the Foundational Structure, Organisation and Management of Early Start-ups through Utilisation of Project Management Best-Practices’ is carried out by leadership of PMI Turkey and cooperation of PMI Bulgaria,PMI France and PMI Slovenia.