Algın Erozan Introduced the Outspeed Start-Up Project In Istanbul

Algın Erozan, Key Expert in Outspeed start-up project, gave a short presentation about Outspeed start-up project at PMI Turkey Event in Istanbul.

He talked about the details of the project, the project purposes and international partners of the projects.

Ahmet Akdağ, managing partner in ACM, also made his presentation about Agile Portfolio Management after Algın Erozan’s presentation.He explaind the team-level product backlog management and he introduced “Garden” as Agile Portfolio Management tool.In additon, he shared the details about it


Outspeed Start-up project aim to help entrepreneurs with project management tools and methods to manage better their projects and day-to-day operations.

This project will provide a 2-day project management training camp in Paris, Ljubljana, Sofia, Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir.If you have a Start-up, you can fill out the survey and you have a chance to join this camp.We wiil also organise half-day project management informative sessions for mentors and incubation centre management.

In addition, our team will prepare practice guide for start-ups, mentors and incubation centres.

We will continue the outspeed start-up project introductions in our PMI and Outspeed Start-up events and we wiil keep you informed at these events.

Effective Project Management in Start-Ups, How To ?

The second event of the Outspeed Start-Up was on Effective Project Management in Start-ups and was held on July 4 at ODTÜ Teknokent Co-zone.

Outspeed Start-up Project Key Expert Dr. Bülent Gümüs gave his presentation in the first part of our activity which is called Effective Project Management in Start-Ups. At the beginning of his speech, he talked about basic concepts which we often hear about the start-up world such as “entrepreneur vs. start-up”, “exit”,  “MVP” and “investment”. He then gave short explanations of the favorite Start Ups tools such as Lean Canvas, Design Thinking and Agile lifecycle. Then, he mentioned about the importance of project management in start-up success and how project management can be tailored towards the start-ups.

Dr. Bülent Gümüş had an interactive presentation to collect valuable feedback from the project management experts as well as start-up owners who attended the event. At the end of the presentation, Eren Akdur , Vice President of PMI Turkey gave him a plaquet because of his contribution.

In the second part of the event, Wael Khalil, senior trainer and business consultant in CCH, made his presentation about “How to Lead Effective Change in Project”. He explained the Importance of effective change management in Waterfall and Agile project management, Newton laws, people resentence toward changes, professional change management theories and best practice, Virginia Satir change process model, Five Most Common Change Management Mistakes Project Managers Make and change management cases. At the end of the his presentation, he answered few questions from the audience and he was presented with a plaquet.

We will continue to organize similar events in the future. We will try to target the start-ups, mentors and incubation center managers. Please follow us on social media in order not to miss our future events.