Workshop in Slovenia

Last of our four workshops took palce between December 13-15 in Ljubljana,Slovenia. We met once again with our co-beneficiaries to exchange ideas and continue our work on the Practice Guide. Our key-experts Bülent Gümüş, Algın Erozan together with our project leader Gökçe Phillips joined our partners Mihail Mihailov from PMI Bulgaria and Igor Mrzlikar and Miha Lenic from PMI Slovenia to bring the most out of this time together to accelarate project’s objectives.

Event though our key experts and co-beneficiaries continuously meet online to evaluate the progress and to provide input for project’s outputs being in one room makes and team spirit brings a great deal of productivity.  As in previous workshops, each project expert worked on different part of the practice guide in Slovenia. Algın Erozan and Igor Mrzlikar worked on introduction and planning phase of practice guide, Mihail Mihailov worked on closing phase, Bülent Gümüş worked on initiation phase, Gökçe Phillips and Miha Lenic worked on execution chapter.

Project members achieved a better understanding and agreement and they made significant progress on the practice guide in Slovenia.

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