The Project Management Seminar For Start up Mentors

The project management seminar for start-up mentors was held on 24 August at Buba Campus in Istanbul.

At the event, Murat Avcı co-founders of Buba Campus and Algın Erozan, key expert in Outspeed Start up Project, gave their presentations.

At the first part of the event, Murat Avcı made his presentation which is called “Start up Ecosystem” and then Algın Erozan made his presentation about “Project Management Seminar for Start up Mentors”.

Algın Erozan informed the audiences about our mentors survey, start up world, basics of project management world, start up as Project and project management in start ups, Examples of PM tools  and techniques and preliminary results of project management in startups survey

At the end of the event, Algın Erozan answered the questions of the mentors and entrepreneurs.

If you are a Start-up or Mentor, you can take a part in our surveys through the links below ;

For Startup:

For Mentor:

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