The Project Management Seminar For Start up Mentors in Ankara

The Project Management Seminar for Start-up’s mentors was held on 1 August at Ankara Development Agency.

The event started with the opening speech of Muhammed Ali Oflaz who is Ankara Development Agency Investment Support Office Coordinator. Muhammed Ali Oflaz expressed his satisfaction that Ankara Development Agency took part in the Outspeed Start-up project as an associate. He also stressed that they value the startup ecosystem.

After the opening speech, Gökçe Phillips, technical leader of the Outspeed Start-up project, briefly talked about the aims and objectives of the project.

After Gökçe Phillips’s speach, Outspeed Start-up project expert Bülent Gümüş made his presentation to talk about Project Management for Mentors. In the first part of his presentation, Bülent Gümüş started out to touch on the basic concepts in the start-up ecosystem and project management.

At the second part of the seminar, Bülent Gümüş performed his presentation in a more interactive way. He asked the mentors about the main reasons for the failure of the start-ups and he talked about it. He also asked the mentors “when does the Startup project start and when does it end”.

At the last part of the event, Gökçe Phillips shared the results of the survey which is conducted by the Outspeed Start-up project for startups and mentors.

If you are a Start-up or Mentor, you can take a part in our surveys through the links below ;

For Startup:

For Mentor:

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