The Project Management Seminar for Startup and Entrepreneurship Programme Managers at Ankara Development Agency

The Project Management Seminar for Start-up and Entrepreneurship Programme Managers was held on 10 October at Ankara Development Agency.

Technology Transfer Office and Incubation Centre representatives from Hacettepe, TOBB, Cankaya,THKU and Ankara University were present at the event.

Gökçe Phillips, the technical leader of the OutSpeed Startup project, summarised the objectives and the roadmap of the OutSpeed Startup project. After introducing the project, she presented the preliminary results of the Survey conducted among start-ups to understand their perspective of Project Management.

At the second part of the event, Gökçe Phillips briefly discussed Lean Start-up Design Thinking and some other start-up methodologies and emphasised how PMI tools and methods can support and provide a solid infrastructure to blend all these methodologies.

The interactive discussion about the current training courses at the Technology Transfer Offices and incubation centres were also listed and discussed in terms of their relation to Project Management.

As part of the Outspeed Start-up Project, a Project Management Practice Guide for Start-ups will be produced and the team will deliver training courses to start-ups and informative sessions to mentors and incubation centres.

If you are a Start-up or Mentor, you can support our project by filling out our surveys through the links below ;

For Startup:

For Mentor:

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