Startups Project Management with Entrepreneurship Program Managers in İstanbul

We held a seminar with the managers of incubation centers and Technology Transfer Offices to discuss the place and importance of project management in startup trainings on 25 October in Kolektif House Levent, İstanbul.

At the start of the event, Gökçe Phillips, Outspeed Startup Project Manager, introduced the project and shared the preliminary results of the startup survey with the audience.

Bülent Gümüş, our Startup Key Expert, explained the differences between the startup projects and the contract-based or customer-based projects. He stated that one of the biggest challenges of startups in terms of project management is defining the scope and he, then, briefly talked about the favorite startup tools and methods such as Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Lean Business Canvas.

Algın Erozan, our Project Management Key Expert, explained the basic concepts and terminologies of project management. He emphasized that the agile or hybrid project management lifecycle should be used in startup projects as the project scope needs to be defined in many iterations.

The managers of incubation centers and Technology Transfer Offices stated that the current startup training curriculum does not generally include the project management topics such as scope definition, work breakdown structure and project activities identification, duration and cost estimation, scheduling, stakeholder management, risk management, etc. They also stated that the Startup Project Management Practice Guide and the training materials that will be produced in the Outspeed Startup project will be very helpful for the startups and startup training designers.

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