Project Management in the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at Istanbul Technical University

Project Management in the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem was held on October 11 at Istanbul Technical University. Algın Erozan, project expert in Out Speed Startup Project, made a presentation about it.

Algın Erozan talked about concepts in startup ecosystem, opportunities and challenges which was created by startup ecosystem. He also mentioned few PM tools such as Risk Management, PERT and Stakeholder Management.

Startups and incubator managers participated in the event.Thus, they were informed that project management can be an important factor in startups success. Algın Erozan also touched on the main problems faced by startups  and they mostly agreed on risk management, access to smart money and identifying the work packages being the main issues faced by the startups.

The event was helpful in terms of increasing the awareness of the startups in project management and participants were very pleased to learn about project management.

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