Outspeed Startup Project Partners Made Their First Workshop

Outspeed Startup project partners came together in France to carry out their first workshop. The workshop was held in Paris on 27-28 September. Outspeed Startup project experts Bülent Gümüş,Gökçe Phiilips and Algın Erozan from PMI Turkey, Mark Gray from PMI France, Mihail Mihailov from PMI Bulgaria and Igor Mrzlikar from PMI Slovenia participated in the workshop.

The workshop topics were the practice guide, the surveys which are applied to startups and mentors, and the planned web portal. But, main purpose of the workshop was to work on the Practice Guide. Firstly, Gökçe Phillips  and Bülent Gümüs gave a presentation on the Project initiating section of the Guide since this sets the scope and the flow of the Practice Guide and then they did many discussions on the content, level of detail and flow of the Practice Guide. Especially, Mark Gray, Igor Mrzlikar worked on execution and planning phase of practice guide and Algın Erozan, Mihail Mihailov worked on introduction and closing phase of practice guide.

Consequently, Project members achieved a better understanding and agreement on the content, language and flow of the Guide. Team members provided feedback on the draft Guide to the Section Owners.

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